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The Fun&Serious Game Festival maintains its firm commitment to the Spanish independent development industry, in the form of the Games Industry Forum. After the pilot experience last year, the B2B conference for GIF professionals is holding its second edition, in which learning and business go hand in hand, as part of an ambitious agenda of training and networking.
For two intense days, Europe’s most important publishers specialised in indie games, investors and the international press will pass through the Euskalduna Conference Centre to exchange knowledge and contacts with GIF attendees. As an added bonus, participants in the Indie Zone will present their projects to the video gaming world, with Fun&Serious serving as a great showcase. If you are an independent developer, this is the business event in Spain that you won’t want to miss.

Agenda of Activities

The training agenda for GIF 2017 is divided into three large sections, once again focused on business development: Publishing, focused on how to bring your game to market; Investment and Business development, which will focus on economic aspects (financing, market trends, business management, etc.); and finally, Success Stories, where we will discuss and analyse specific success stories for the top independent games in recent years.

9:00 Attendee registration

9:27 Welcome address by Antonio Santo


9:30 WORKSHOP. The Art of Pitching

At this practical workshop, two publishers and an expert in marketing will explain how to prepare a project before presenting it to a publisher for publication and/or financing. Participants will prepare a presentation of their games.

10:30 ROUND TABLE. Your life with a publisher
The presenters of this round table will analyse the different types of publication agreements that are usually signed between a developer and his or her publisher, commenting on the best ways to manage this professional relationship and the different stages that occur in the publication and marketing of a game.

11:30 Cómo formarte para crear videojuegos en una gran compañía
Alejandro García (Ubisoft Reflections), Eduardo García Escartín (Ubisoft Blue Byte)

Investment and Business Development

12:00 WORKSHOP. How to create your business plan

A video game studio is a creative business, and losing sight of that part of the “business” is one of the common errors that leads to failure. It is crucial to learn how to manage the economic part: calculating operating costs, investment needs, profit margins, necessary sales projections… not only to be successful, but also to identify projects that are economically infeasible or unprofitable from the very beginning. At this workshop, an expert on business development (also known as Biz Dev) and an investor will explain how a business plan is created.

13:00University prize pitches

14:00 Free time for lunch

16:00 ROUNDTABLE. Where does the money go?
This round table will analyse the direction the video game market will take over the next few years and the most interesting trends for investors in the near future.

Success stories

17:00 Gremlins, Inc.: success in 13 languages

Gremlins, Inc. is a digital board game developed by the independent Lithuanian studio Charlie Oscar, which has sold more than 150,000 copies since its launch: an especially striking figure, not only for being a niche genre, but also because it was the first launch from an unknown studio. One of the keys to its success has been its adaptation to different markets around the world. Charlie Oscar founder Sergei Klimov will explain the keys to a product capable of success in 13 different markets.

17:45 Blasphemous: how to succeed in Kickstarter

The independent Spanish game from Seville studio TheGameKitchen has been one of the great new titles in recent years. Its presentation was echoed around the world and its Kickstarter campaign collected more than $330,000 dollars in just one month. Its creators will explain the keys to the success of the collective financing campaign for Blasphemous.

  • Mauricio García


18:30 El marketing de Amanita Design. Lukas Kunce

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