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Here is the complete list of games that competed to win each of the categories at the Awards Ceremony of the Fun & Serious Festival, which was placed at the Campos theater in Bilbao on December 9, 2019:

Game of the Year

· Control
· Sekiro
· A Plague Tale
· Death Stranding
· Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

Best Art

· A Plague Tale
· Control
· Gris
· Luigi's Mansion 3
· Blasphemous

Best Game Design

· Control
· A Plague Tale
· Sekiro
· Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Best Narrative Design

· Control
· Death Stranding
· Telling Lies
· A Plague Tale
· Life is Strange 2

Best Adventure Game

· A Plague Tale
· Control
· Death Stranding
· Luigi's Mansion 3
· Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

Best Action Game

· Sekiro
· Borderlands 3
· CoD: Modern Warfare
· Metro Exodus
· Gears 5

Best RPG Game

· Fire Emblem: Three Houses
· The Outer Worlds
· Kingdom Hearts 3
· Disco Elysium
· Greedfall

Mejor desarrollo Nacional

· Blasphemous
· Blacksad
· Gris
· They Are Billions

Best Family/Social game

· Super Mario Maker 2
· Pokémon Escudo y Espada
· Tetris 99
· Luigi's Mansion 3
· Just Dance 2020

Best Soundtrack

· Jonathan Eng Sayonara Wild Hearts
· Casey Edwards Devil May Cry 5
· Petri Alanko por Control
· Yoko Shimomura por Kingdom Hearts 3
· Ludvig Forsell por Death Stranding

Best Sports/Racing Game

· NBA 2K20
· FIFA 20
· eFootball PES 2020
· F1 2019
· Grid

Mejor Interpretación en castellano

· Carlos di Blasi por Sam Porter Bridges en Death Stranding
· Claudio Serrano por Deacon St John en Days Gone
· Gabriel Jiménez por John Blacksdad en Blacksad Under The Skin
· Olga Velasco por Kait Diaz en Gears 5
· Guillermo Romero por Nomad en Ghost Recon

Indie Game of the Year

· Blasphemous
· Disco Elysium
· Baba is you
· Untitled Goose Game
· Wargroove

FS Play al videojuego más Innovador:

· The Longest Road on Earth
· A Place for the Unwilling
· Yuppie Psyco
· Arrog
· Evergreen Blues
· Football Drama

FS Play al Mejor videojuego vasco

· The Longest Road on Earth
· Moodieval
· Skywolf
· Kogarashi


· Just Dance

JUEGO MÁS ESPERADO (otorgado por el público)

· Cyberpunk 2077


· 200 y +

The Finalists of the Fun & Serious Titanium Awards Represent the Cream of the International Creative Scene

Remedy's action-adventure shooter, Control, has the highest number of nominations, six, while the French title set in Medieval times, A Plague Tale: Innocence (Asobo) and Kojima's latest proposal, Death Stranding, follow closely behind with five nominations each These...
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The Fun & Serious BBVA GIF offers more training and more opportunities than ever

The BBVA Games Industry Forum offers indie developers and new talents the opportunity to make contacts, conduct workshops, and reflect on issues of interest and present projects Important studios such as Hempuli Oy (Baba is You), The Game Kitchen (Blasphemous) and...
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Greg Street Will Receive an Honorary Titanium Award at this Year’s Edition of the Fun & Serious Game Festival

The designer, current VP of IP and Entertainment at Riot Games, will receive this award during a key year for the company, as it celebrates the 10th Anniversary of its legendary MOBA, League of Legends, and it announces five new titles Street's creative curriculum,...
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The Fun & Serious Game Festival is the largest video game festival in Europe and has become a point of reference within the industry. Over 40,000 people passed through the capital of last year to attend its different activities.

Its mission is to recognise and promote the work of producers, directors, artists and developers of video games, through a complete program that includes conferences, round tables, networking and activities for companies as well as the general public. Every year, the festival ends with an exclusive Awards ceremony for the best video games of the year at the Guggenheim Museum.

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