AzPlay is the new hóPlay brand, the International Independent Videogames Competition organized by Azkuna Zentroa (previously AlhóndigaBilbao).

AzPlay is the Indie part of the Fun&Serious festival.

AzPlay is interested in presenting and promoting those productions of independent videogames whose differential values are originality, creativity, innovation and values related to Azkuna Zentroa.


AzPlay is making this 6th international edition and has established the following rules:

1. Aim

The aim of AzPlay is to acknowledge and reward the creativity of those people behind the gaming and educational nature of the videogame.

2. Candidates

Those people, groups of people or developer companies who consider their works adjust to the aims of this call may take part in AzPlay international videogame competition.

The candidates must legally hold all the copyrights related to or involved in the videogame, rights to use licences, exploitation rights, intellectual property rights, etc. Participation in this competition entails the assignment for indefinite time of the distribution rights on the videogames selected, on those supports and formats in which Azkuna Zentroa and Fun&Serious Festival carry out communications or during festival events.

3. Videogames

Videogames made after 1st October 2014 may opt for an award if they satisfy the following requirements:
3.1 Be a playable program. Videos, trailers, previews or demo versions which cannot interact with the program are not allowed.
3.2 Theme and genre are free. Games which incite violence, discrimination of any kind or might be offensive for a collective group will not be admitted.
3.3 Formats. The videogame must be developed and presented in any of the following platforms:
3.3.1. PCs
3.3.2. Consoles
3.3.3. Mobile devices
3.4 It must be an independent videogame, taking as a reference the definition of Wikipedia In any event the organization will decide in the last instance whether a proposed game is admitted.

4. Delivery method, additional material and deadline

Videogame enrolment will be via the form enabled on this page


Admission deadline is 30th September 2015. To these effects, works received after that date will not be accepted.

The videogame finalists will be published on 31st October 2015.

Given the international nature of this competition any videogames not developed in Basque, English or Spanish must attach all additional material in English.

The organization will financially support the finalists’ travelling expenses.

5. Awards

AzPlay establishes the following award categories:

2015 Awards:
• Award for best original idea, €5,000
• Award for best creative design, €5,000
• Award for best sound-music, €5,000
• Award for best playability, €5,000
• Award for best Basque videogame, €5,000

At least one representative of each videogame selected must be present in the presentation sessions of the videogame finalists (the so called Official Section), and in the award giving ceremony to be held at the end of November.

6. Selection

When selecting videogames opting for Azkuna Zentroa award, those whose creative nature transmits positive values and are contrary to any kinds of aggression and discrimination will be valued above all.

The selection process and choosing the winners will be as follows.

The jury will make an initial evaluation of all the videogames presented based exclusively on the audiovisual material provided by the participants in the enrolment form (images, video or Web). After which approximately 25 videogame finalists must be presented during the Official Section to opt for an award. In addition, videogame finalists will be on display in Azkuna Zentroa so attendees can test them.

After choosing the selection of finalists, the jury will evaluate them again. This evaluation will be based on the use of each game, based on the Official Section presentations and debates arising among the members of the jury. Finally, the Jury will determine a list of award winners in the different categories.

7. Jury

AzPlay jury will be appointed by the Competition management and be made up of acknowledged professionals from the videogames sector: creators, distributors, editors and players, who will be entitled to leave an award vacant should they consider it appropriate.

8. Conditions

All the works enrolled in this competition, selected or otherwise, will become part of the AzPlay document archive, and the organization may not use said material for profit making purposes.

Sending the enrolment form and taking part in AzPlay means acceptance of these rules, the interpretation of which constitutes the exclusive competence of the Competition Jury and Organization.

Should you have any queries or other questions please do not hesitate to contact the festival web: or drop a line to the following Email: