Spaces to promote business, exchanges and inspiration.

The Fun&Serious Game Festival maintains its firm commitment to the Spanish independent development industry, in the form of the Games Industry Forum. After the pilot experience last year, the B2B conference for GIF professionals is holding its second edition, in which learning and business go hand in hand, as part of an ambitious agenda of training and networking.

For two intense days, Europe’s most important publishers specialised in indie games, investors and the international press will pass through the BILBAO EXHIBITION CENTRE (BEC) to exchange knowledge and contacts with GIF attendees. As an added bonus, participants in the Indie Zone will present their projects to the video gaming world, with Fun&Serious serving as a great showcase. If you are an independent developer, this is the business event in Spain that you won’t want to miss.



10:00 What is happening in China? An introduction to the most important
emerging market in the world. 
Presenter: Marcelo Careaga, Miniclip Director at Tencent Publishing

10:45 Steam Early Access: a challenge and an opportunity. Presenter: Adam Myers, Deputy CEO of Failbetter Games.

11:30 Break

12:00 How to make a game easy to translate: tools and localization team management
Presenter: Rolf Klischewski, freelance translator and university professor of videogame localization

12:45 Bizdev 101: markets, platforms and prices. Round table discussion: Ed Valiente, Managing Director of Thunderful Games; Fernando Ortega, CEO of Sindiecate

13:30 Lunch break

15:00 New trends on the indie scene Round table discussion. Presenters: Mark Aldrup, Games Engineer at Headup Games; Kiron Ramdewar, Producer at PlayStack;

15:45  Physical or digital? Round table discussion. Presenters: Luis Quintans, CEO of Badland Games; Daniel Mateo, Marketing Assistant at Meridiem Games; Eva Gaspar, CEO of Abylightand

16:30 Production for indie gamesPresenter: Lottie Bevan, Producer at The Weather Factory

17:15 Poland and the Creative Europe program Presenters: Piotr Bajraszewski, Business Development Manager of 11Bit Studios; and Ainhoa González, Europa Creativa Desk MEDIA Euskadi.

18:00 Predicting the Future: How To Value Your Development Based on Sales Presenter: Pablo de la Nuez, Managing Director of Raiser Games

18:45 A success story: Cultist Simulator, the narrative as a unique selling point. Presenter: Alexis Kennedy, CEO and founder of Weather Factory.

19:30 Closing

Saturday Workshops

11:00 In the localizer’s den: the translator fields your questions. Translator and localization professor Rolf Klischewski answers your questions about localization.

12:00 Indie social media marketing. Presenter: Lara Isabel Rodríguez, Account Manager at ESL Spain

13:00 Marketing for indies: Guerrilla PR. Presenter: Jaume Esteve, PR Manager at Jaleo

16:00 How to make a trailer for your game. Presenter to be confirmed.


18:30 Nordic Game Discovery Contest Season

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