The BBVA Games Industry Forum offers indie developers and new talents the opportunity to make contacts, conduct workshops, and reflect on issues of interest and present projects

Important studios such as Hempuli Oy (Baba is You), The Game Kitchen (Blasphemous) and Nomad (Gris) will feature prominently at meetings in the most professional area of F&S

The most important development engines (Unity and Unreal) will share news and tricks

The finalists of FS Play will present their projects to the jury and the public

BILBAO. Entrepreneurship, opportunities, meetings, training, inspiration, projects, awards. Next December 6 and 7 at the BEC! (Bilbao), the BBVA Games Industry Forum (GIF), the most professional and key networking area at the Fun & Serious Festival, will present a training program in which publishers, investors, specialized journalists and developers from the European indie scene can all participate as part of a schedule featuring a series of top-level speakers. You can consult the full program here.

Studios as bold and promising as Hempuli Oy (responsible for Baba is You), The Game Kitchen (Blasphemous) and Nomad Studios (which will further the success story of Gris, launched last year) will be present at roundtables and presentations in the most ‘business-minded’ area of Fun & Serious. The most popular development engines, such as Unreal Engine (with Mario Palmero, Europe Technical Evangelist) and Unity (with Ciro Continisio Lead Evangelist for Unity’s EMEA region), will enhance the presentation of new features with a series of tips and advice for developers.

Furthermore, the new and future challenges of the ever-changing indie scene will be discussed at a roundtable featuring the following participants: Jupiter Hadley, an expert journalist in indie videogames; Rosie Ball, brand manager at indie publisher, Chucklefish (Stardew Valley); and Valeria Castro, CEO developer of Platonic Games. Out of the Blue Games, (with its cofounder, Tatiana Delgado), Raiser Games (Pablo de la Nuez) and Team Gotham (Juan de la Torre) are other companies that will feature on the presentation program at the BBVA Games Industry Forum. Tomavision will also travel to Bilbao to elaborate on the theme of transmedia, with a talk that connects animation with video games. Other burning issues within the industry, such as mental health in creative work (with the psychologist Lourdes Conde Alvarez) or crowdfunding (with Michael Liebe from Kickstarter) will also have their place on the training program for the Games Industry Forum.

All of this will be complemented by a series of workshops to be staged between Friday and Sunday morning, which will address important issues such as community management or projection in the social media, not to mention basic legal issues and an introduction to the development of a consistent business plan. The indie developers taking part at Fun & Serious, displaying their games to the public in the Indie Zone, will have access to an exclusive mentoring event with important industry figures at a European level, such as Brave Ed (Thunderful Games), Martin Lindell (Raw Fury), Mark Aldrup (Headup Games) and Piotr Bajraszewski (11Bit Games), among many others. At this event they will be able to present their projects and receive advice and experience in areas such as financing, publication, legal aspects, production, etc. The practical dimension of GIF has become more evident than ever.

This year, in addition, the FS Play finalist projects will have the opportunity to present themselves in public in elevator pitch format during the Games Industry Forum, an excellent opportunity to exhibit their ideas and optimize profitability.

GIF thus reinforces its mission as a springboard for neophytes and indies, all within the framework of the Fun & Serious Festival, an event that has already become a must for the sector at an international level, based on the attendance of 35,000 visitors at last year’s edition and a series of Honorary Awards that have already been announced for 2019, to be presented to professionals of the stature of Yoko Shimomura, Bruce Straley, Tim Willits and Greg Street.